Chicken & Cat Nip Treats - jar

Chicken & Cat Nip Treats - jar



Dehydrated Chicken and Cat Nip Treats - recommended for cats and dogs

Packaged in a 240ml glass jar (6.5cm x 11.5cm)

Weight of dehydrated product ~95 grams

Made from chicken breast (human-grade, no preservatives added), Australian grown organic cat nip (nepeta cataria)(may contain traces of bee pollen)

Store in the refrigerator

Pet food only

Additional Information:
CAT NIP (botanical name: Nepeta Cataria)

The Cat Bowl sources Australian grown organic cat nip. Fresh/dried cat nip can elicit a state of euphoria in cats. Approx. two-thirds of felines elicit behavioural responses when exposed to cat nip. Dried cat nip that has been dehydrated with meat may not elicit such behavioural responses in your cat, however the treat will still have an attractive smell that will be enjoyed by your cat.

Cat Nip is safe for cats and dogs to consume*

Cat Nip may:
· stimulate appetite
· aide digestion
· help calm nervous animals
· encourage restful sleep
· support the gastrointestinal system

* all herbs, whether consumed by humans, cats or dogs, should be eaten in small quantities

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